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Shi Heng Tao and Mr. Bhally

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Beyond Kung Fu teaches personal growth and character development through the physical and mental practices of the martial arts. It is based upon the study of Kung Fu which originated approximately 1500 years ago in China. Sticking to the roots of this ancient art form, students will quickly develop attributes such as focus, self discipline, respect, integrity, perseverance/dedication, motivation and much more.

The instructors and staff at Beyond Kung Fu are highly trained, motivated and extremely caring individuals. They put a lot of emphasis on personal attention in all of the classes in order to draw out the very best in each student. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone muscles, increase cardio-vascular fitness, develop self-discipline, focus, motivation, raise self-esteem, confidence, or just simply to have fun, there is something to be had by everyone.

Self Defense

Beyond Kung Fu Student At Beyond Kung Fu, you will learn how to use specific self defense techniques to defend yourself against a real life attacker in reality simulated self defense scenarios. Training in self defense will greatly reduce your fear and anxiety around being attacked. More importantly you will develop the ability to avoid ‘high risk’ situations (places and circumstances in which you are more likely to be attacked). Kids learn anti-bullying strategies and learn how to befriend, avoid or in the last case situation, physically defeat a bully.

Classical Taolu (Forms)

Beyond Kung Fu introduces our classical taolu (forms) and “Extreme Martial Arts Classes”. In these specially designed classes, students will learn the art of Ancient Chinese Kung Fu, and develop their minds and bodies by practicing beautiful, and flowing linear and circular motions and even acrobatics in our extreme program.These classes are high energy (to say the least) and excellent for fitness.

Fitness is another major reason for training in the martial arts. If you have tried and become bored by the same old routine of a a gym and have felt the lack the physical energy or motivation to make it there then Beyond Kung Fu is for you. The best fitness program is the one you are going to stick with. The instructors at Beyond Kung Fu are trained in motivating you to be your best; soon with continued practice you will discover that being your best is actually easier and more fulfilling than living beneath your potential.

The instructors at Beyond Kung Fu put the needs of their students first and focus on drawing out the best in every student. By training every major and minor muscle group in the body, students will quickly shed those unwanted pounds, increase muscle tone, develop their lungs and hearts and just feel better overall! Would you like to look better? Have more energy first thing in the morning and throughout the day? Or just feel good about yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the place for you.

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