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The Martial Path

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The Martial Path – An Epic Weekend to Experience the Way of the Martial Arts Master

June 10, 11 & 12

Hockley Valley Ecology Retreat
308046 Hockley Rd,
Mono ON L9W 6N2

Call 905-452-7150 For Reservations

*$499 – Pricing Includes Accommodation, Meals and Training

*$399 – Before April 15th

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The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm Now Available on Kindle!

Letters from students and teachers below.

From Dixie Public School, MississaugaDear Brad and Duncan,

Just a quick note to thank you for your visit to our school last month. It was very exciting for the students to meet and have the opportunity to talk to an author and illustrator. Your presentation peaked their interest and rekindled their passion for books and storytelling.

I have been reading your story to my class and they always look forward to it. It is well written with rich vocabulary and description which is an excellent model to share with students during read alouds. The message is positive and motivating and most importantly, they can identify with its characters.

Thank you again for an excellent presentation. Your enthusiasm was motivating (my colleagues and I were impressed with your ability to engage the students and promote confidence) and your message was a positive and valuable one. They especially enjoyed the drawing exercise led by Duncan.

We wish you both much success in your future endeavours.

Keep writing!

Lisa Hand                                     Heather Atkinson

Grade 5 Classroom Teacher                     Principal


Letters from grade 6 Students about The Eye of the Storm:

Dear Mr .Hutchinson,

My name is Christina. I am in grade 6. My school is Conestoga Public School. Our class has been reading your book The Eye of the Storm for quite a while now. I am writing this letter because I want to tell you what I like and dislike about your book.

First I will tell you what I like. I like the way you introduce the characters slowly throughout the book instead of telling them all at once. I like the way you put so much detail in the book and explain how the places look like so we can image it on our own. I like how you  made it unexpected like when you predict something but it doesn’t turn out that way. I like how you wrote ‘never say die’ because it encourages people to go on. I also really like your ending because it can stop people from piluting the world.

I don’t really like the name of the bully because since his name is Franklin, when I first heard the name it reminded me of Franklin the Turtle from the toddler show. If you can, please change it. To me, this book should be for grade 5 and up. [Note: Because of this letter the bully’s name was changed from Franklin to Mitch]

We will appreciate it if you write back.

Sincerely, Christina

Dear Mr. Hutchinson,

I’m a horse back rider and love wide open spaces just like your book that takes place in Algonquin Park. By the way my name is Megan I’m 11 years old.

Something I like about your book are that it is suspenseful like when Johnny got sent to apologise to the principal and you don’t know if he’s going to get to go on the trip. I like how you describe the characters and introduce them slowly instead of all at once. It’s cool how you describe the beauty and the power of nature. At the end of chapter ten it’s sort of spooky how you describe the night and the wolf howls.

It’s smart how you write about stuff kids can relate to. Like how Johnny feels when Franklin is bullying him because everyone is bullied sometimes.  I like how you connect Johnny having to bandage his dog’s leg. Then he saved the world with his first aid skills. The illustrations are great! I like how they give you a little clue of what is going to happen. The book is suspenseful as I have already said. I just can’t put it down!

So I hope you liked my letter. I just can’t get over how good your book is! Remember “never say die!” Write back soon.

Yours truly, Megan

Dear, Mr. Seton,

I am Amandeep and I will be telling you about your pictures in the book called The Eye of the Storm. Which I loved.

I am 11 years old and go to Conestoga P.S. My teacher who you now is Mrs. Johnston. I am in grade 6. I have 7 best friend. Who bother me sometimes. I like to play soccer, baseball and other games. My favourite subjects are Math, Laguage, French, and a lot more.

What I had liked about your pictures in this book were you picked a different kind of away, no colour, good frame and a lot more.

As you now I had loved your pictures and I hope I can get the book and read it again. I also hope you and the writer can come tell more about your selfs and the book.

Your reader, Amandeep

Dear Mr. Hutchinson, 

Juten Tag (Hello), I am a grade six student in Mrs. Johnston’s class and my school is Conestoga Public School and my name is Shubdip.  And I am writing to you because I really enjoy reading your book. <span style=”background-color:yellow”>Another thing I’m writing to you because your book is really realistic and I like reading realistic books instead of books like Captain Underpants etc.

Also I like how the names of the chapters really tell you what it’s going to be about or how the characters are going to act in the chapter. Even though I’m not much of a reader and I don’t get interested into books a lot but really like Deep Force Power. Some of the chapters remind me of a lot of things like in Helpless Johnny gets bullied by Franklin, and sometimes I get bullied. Also some of the chapters actually gave me courage and bravery. Another message the book gave me is to never give up.

Now what I liked about the ending is that I like the way that at the ending Johnny has to do a presentation and he does it on Algonquin Park. Where he had a horrible adventure if you ask me, but he also learned how to be brave and have courage in yourself also to “never say die”.

And now after reading mine and my classmates letters I hope you can come to our classroom and meet us in person. OH ya I forgot to mention you had lots of detail in your book and I hope other people like the book after its published just how I liked it.

YOUR FAN: Shubdip

 Dear Mr. Hutchinson,

Salaam(means “hello)

My name is Samra. I’m going to tell you about what a great book the The Eye of the Storm is by telling you what is my favourite chapter and why.

My favourite chapter from The Eye of the Storm is chapter four responsibility.

My favourite chapter from The Eye of the Storm is chapter four responsibility because Johnny has the responsibility to go to the principle and say’s sorry even though he didn’t hit the paper airplane at this teacher. Another reason is because the same thing happened to me and it disrespected the teacher.

Thank you for reading my letter

Sincerely, Samra

Dear Mr. Hutchinson

As a keen reader, I admired many aspects of the story The Eye of the Storm.

I truly like your book. I have never read a story with such depth and compassion. My favourite chapter was Responsibility because I admired how Johnny went to the Principal’s office and apologized for his behaviour and use of words.

I also love how Franklin just comes in as a mean fat bully that dislikes Johnny for no reason at all. I am not the only person reading this book my whole class is reading the book and we just finished the book and I thought it was incredible!!!!

When Johnny was grounded he started completing his homework correctly his marks started going up and I think there is a message to that “If you take the time to do things right you will achieve something out of it”

I truly think this book was awesome!!! I was just wondering are you going to make a series out of The Eye of the Storm?

Sincerely, Natasha

Ps If you get a chance could you please write back !!! If you get a chance please come to my school!!!

 Dear, Mr. Seton,

I love Art! Your Illustrations are wonderful! By the way my name is Megan Wong and I am elven years old.

I was wondering how hard it is to become an artist? As I have said I love art but I also enjoy riding horses at my barn. I do not know what I should be! I enjoy sketches of nature. But I do not know I perfure colored art or sketches. What do you like? My class had to pick a chapter from the book and do a new thumb nail sketch for it. I got Perseverance I made a lot of animals sniffing around a tent. I like how your sketches give a little clue to what is going to happen in the chapter. Is it hard thinking up thumb nail sketches? The shading is exelent it makes the picture come alive. What do you like doing sketches of? I hope I can be as good as an artist you are someday.

I love your art and I hope that you liked my letter. Write back soon and maybe you can come to my class.

Yours truly, Megan Wong

Dear Mr. Hutchinson,

Hi, I was wondering who you got all those ideas. I like how you get the names for the characters. Oh, I forgot to tell you my name is Toisha Bingham and I am in grade 6 in Mrs. Johnston’s class in Conestoga Public School.

I would love to go to Algonquin. I think  I will be going there in the summer. We are now done the book. You book is the best. You really have good describing  the people in the story and the surroundings. I hope you make more books.

I like the part when Johnny saves the wolf and I can’t believe that they were going in circles. Maybe one day I will write a book like you did. You’r book has taught me good lessons like “never say die” it is kind of like saying “never say never”. So I will have to wait until you write back.

You’r 1# fan:

Dear Mr.Hutchinson

Being someone who loves adventure books I think your book is great because it has adventure Surprises and a very well thought out story board. I like the way you make the characters so realistic and life-like as well as the environment around them.

I also like how you describe what is going on in the chapter so well. I liked the way you name the chapters after how the character or characters feel during the chapter. I really like your book and if your thinking of writing anything else I suggest adventure books.

I like adventure books because they’re filled with surprises excitement and lots of fun. I like your book because it is like a real life story not like a fantasy book. I like books like yours because they are exciting and fun to read.

Signed, Christopher



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Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin is a simple form that can be practiced any place or time. It is easy to remember, easy to learn and easy to train. The results are profound in terms of stress relief, concentration, and a myriad of other health benefits. The method is flexible – it could be fast or slow, and the movements can be done in any order. It benefits people of all ages. Imagine kids in grade school doing this form before a day of learning. Imagine you doing this a few times a week before or after a day of work…

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The Engaged Mind: Your Creative Call to Action

Happy New Year!

Here is my gift to you. Go the the link below and get your Free Copy of my book and fire up that mental and emotion fuel that can propel you toward your dreams.

The Engaged Mind: Your Creative Call to Action.

If there were ever a time where we needed new fresh ideas to change the way we do things in this world, now is it. Get that creative fuel in your spirit fired up and become part of the new creative culture on the planet!

 Click here to get your Free Copy!

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